Colour is fundamental to interior design. It defies the way we see a space, it gives shape to objects, and it changes the appearance of walls or ceilings, it is present in every aspect of interior design.

red paint

Red can give a feeling of warmth, excitement and passion. It is attention grabbing and overalls all other colours. Red can make an excellent background for rooms that are used for social occasions as it stimulates appetite and conversation and also stimulates the brain and raises the heart rate.

Pros: Energy, Passion, Physically, Strength, Sex.
Cons: Anger, Aggressive, Demanding, Danger, Death

orange paint1

Orange is the colour of fire and sunset, it evoke feelings of energy and excitement . Orange has an intensifying quality with a glow that can be used to good effect in north-facing rooms, however it can be overpowering on large surfaces, but when used with discretion it can create an ambience of vivaciousness spontaneity and liveliness.

Darker oranges offer a sense of comfort; some are spicy, some are earthy. Lighter oranges are soothing.

Pros: Energising, Warm, Fun, Extrovert, Safety.
Cons: Disruptive, Frivolous, Immature, Frustration,


yellow paint

Yellow brings feelings of hope, cheer and vitality as it is the colour of sunlight and citrus fruits. Yellow can appear as a light source. The use of yellow in any living space can create feelings of optimism and inspiration. It has been said that yellow can improve memory and relieve depression, however to much yellow may have an adverse effect causing fear and anxiety.

Pros: Bright, Happy, Optimistic, Uplifting, Creativity.
Cons: Dingy, Irrationality, Depression, Cowardly, Bilious.


green paint

Green is associated with growth and renewal, it is discreet and suggests security, protection and harmony. Green also has a calming effect, particularly pale greens which are restful. Green symbolises environmental awareness. Too much green can create blandness and boredom, a way it counteract this is to introduce strong blues as accent colours.

Pros: Harmony, Peaceful, Tranquil, Balance, Earthly.
Cons: Envy, Jealously, Rotting, Stagnant.

blue paint

Blue is the colour of the sky and sea, and brings spirituality, cleanliness and tranquillity. Blue has a quality of expansiveness and openness. Blue has a relaxing effect that can encourage isolation, solitude and reflection. Because of its association with water, blue is a popular colour for kitchens and bathrooms. Strong blues stimulate clear thoughts and soft blues can calm the mind. It can also be seen as cold and unemotional.

Blue has very few connections to taste or smell. Therefore it may act as an appetite suppressant

Pros: Calm, Soothing, Serenity, Trust, Intellectual,
Cons: Unfriendly, Withdrawn, Bold, Heavy, Cold


violet paint

Purple or violet rarely occur in nature, but are linked to spirituality mysticism and creativity. Pale shades of violet are restful and serene making it a good choice for mediation rooms as it encourages deep contemplation although darker shades can be tiring on the eye. Purple denotes luxury, quality and decadence.

Light purples are romantic. The dark shades are more intellectual and dignified.

Pros: Dignity, Wealth, Spiritual, Decadence, Truth.
Cons:  Decadence, Conceit, Pomposity, Death


Pink represents the feminine principles, gentle, nurturing and soothing, when too much pink is used it can cause emotional claustrophia and emasculation. Hot pink is a vivacious and fun colour full of pure confidence.

Pros: Love, Warmth, Nurturing, Soothing, Femininity.
Cons: Immature, Weak, Inhibition, Emasculation.



Brown is softer and warmer than black and often used as a neutral base. Brown is associated with nature and the earth. It denotes support and reliability.

Pros: Comforting, Supportive, Warmth, Wholesomeness
Cons: Dirty, Unsophisticated,

black paint1

Black is the result of all colours absorbed. It provides protective barriers as it absorbs energy and conceals identity. Black is perceived as serious and formal. It is classic as it suggests a sense of sophistication and glamour. Interestingly, many people believe that black is sliming, yet it creates the illusion of heaviness.

Pros: Glamorous, Sophisticated, Security, Power, Elegance.
Cons: Evil, Death, Mystery, Mourning.


grey paint

Grey can be suppressive as it has an absence of colour, it is said that grey promotes productivity which is why it remains a popular choice in offices. Grey can give off a sense of lifelessness and occasionally be perceived as dull. However when teamed with warm or bright tones, it can give a young, funky and fresh appearance.

Pros: Independent, Mature, Professional, Sophisticated
Cons: Depression. Insecurity, Dreary, Formal.


white paint

White is the result of total reflection. Visually it can create the illusion of space and height because of its reflective properties. White can be a strain to look at in large quantities and can be perceived as sterile and unfriendly. Used against other colours, white will make a space feel fresh and clean. The opposite to white is black and used in unequal proportions can look very striking.

Pros: Purity, Cleanliness, Simplicity, Virtue, Goodness.
Cons: Cold, Sterile, Uninviting.